Artisan-Rare Powdered Material 9 Element Steel

Artisan-Rare Powdered Material 9 Element Steel

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Artisan Cutlery and CJRB Cutlery have been working hard to produce high quality, accessible knives for fans and customers at all levels. From out high-end production pieces using unique materials and premium steels, to our budget-friendly line of CJRB knives we strive to create products that will fit your needs whatever they may be. We are proud to announce that we will be taking another step towards providing the best possible cutlery experience to our customers.

Artisan-RPM9 is a new exclusive steel designed by Artisan Cutlery that has been specifically made with our budget-friendly line of knives in mind. RPM9 boasts high performance due to a powdered metal process that creates a fine grain structure that holds an edge well, sharpens beautifully, and prevents corrosion. We have done our best to create a material that holds up to the rigors of regular use and will excel in adverse conditions, all while maintaining a competitive price point!

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