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About Artisancutlery

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In 2018 Artisan Cutlery was founded as a small US-based company working directly with our manufacturing facility in YangJiang China. Our goal has always been to bring the highest quality products to market using top-of-the-line manufacturing and materials, modern techniques, and traditional know-how. Now in 2022 Artisan Cutlery has become so much more than just another knife manufacturer, we have become a platform for designer expression, innovative thinking, and constant attention to the desires of our customers and fans. We don’t just make knives; we make knives for people who love their knives!

A Little Bit About our Facility
Our main factory in Yangjiang was established in 2004 for the purpose of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) for several of the top names in the cutlery industry. With a fully equipped facility featuring CNC machines, wire EDM, and laser engraving among other services, we are able to manufacture knives and tools at a variety of levels, from the practical to the extravagant our experienced team has the skills to make any design a reality.


About the Knives

Our team at Artisan Cutlery prides itself on our ability to produce exceptional quality knives at all levels. For those who are looking for a daily user, we have our “P” or “Practical” series of knives, featuring rugged, durable materials like G10 and Micarta that provide exceptional grip and versatility for those of us that use our knives all day, every day and require tools that keep up but won’t break the bank. For our more discerning customers we offer our “G” or “Grand” series, these are knives built with high-end materials like titanium and S35VN steel designed for a lifetime of use. We also pride ourselves on working with a host of US-based designers. Some of them are industry veterans with established names and fanbases as well as some fresh newcomers into the industry with new ideas and unique designs. We seek to highlight our designers as much as possible, bring their vision to life, and put it into our customer’s hands.

In 2019, with a growing demand for even more budget-focused tools, we decided to launch our CJRB brand. With a focus on uncompromised quality at an affordable price point, the CJRB line of knives quickly gathered a huge following. We manufacture our CJRB models in the same facility as our higher-end Artisan Cutlery brand, but this isn’t just Artisan’s little brother, CJRB stands on its own with a line of products that defy conventional expectations by delivering a genuinely premium feeling knife, made with top-quality materials, and built to out-perform its competitors. We stand by our original intention for CJRB, we want to deliver a product with the best value possible, something that our customers are not only happy with but something that they are proud to own and use!

What is AR-RPM9?

In 2020 Artisan Cutlery decided to formulate and manufacture our own steel due to an overwhelming demand for higher-performance steel for our value-oriented products. Rather than switching over to premium steel and significantly increasing the cost of our products, we sat down and discussed the merits of designing our own steel from the ground up that could meet the needs of our consumers without the high cost of most premium steel on the market. The result was AR-RPM9.

AR-RPM9 is powder-form stainless steel with properties that make it ideal for daily-carry knives. Boasting high hardness and superior toughness thanks to the powdering process AR-RPM9 stands toe-to-toe with several premium steel varieties and surpasses many of them in overall durability and corrosion resistance, but the biggest secret of AR-RPM9 lies somewhere else. We have done a huge amount of testing on AR-RPM9 in various forms both at our main facility with sophisticated machines and in the US with a variety of physical and chemical tests ranging from the mundane to the extreme. The thing that became most apparent about AR-RPM9 over the several months of testing was it's exceptionally sharpenable, even after rigorous tasks that dulled the edge entirely it only took a few minutes to bring the blade back to a razor-sharp edge, but unlike most other steels that exhibit this trait, AR-RPM9 maintains that sharpened edge for an extraordinarily long time, meaning that this steel can be quickly sharpened and maintained in the field and be ready for a whole day of work without dulling out. We are always happy to see that our hard work designing and testing a whole new material has paid off so well, and we always look forward to hearing what our customers think when they try AR-RPM9 for the first time.

AR-RPM9 is a new proprietary steel designed by Artisan Cutlery that will be used for both folding knives and fixed blades. RPM9 has been formulated to offer balanced performance at a reasonable price point.

Knives that are produced using this steel are: highly corrosion resistant, maintain a fine sharp edge for an extended period of time, and can be easily maintained and sharpened. We have used a powdered metallurgy process to keep the grain structure of this steel exceptionally fine which improves the overall quality and performance of the steel over time.


Our Mission

Artisan Cutlery is committed to the creation of innovative blades and tools while staying true to the qualities at the heart of traditional craftsmanship. Our goal as a brand is to strive to reach the summit in the fusion of aesthetics, ergonomics, and creativity while always maintaining the traditions of old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail. We want our customers to feel all of the experience and skill that goes into the production of every Artisan Cutlery tool.

The people that make up the Artisan Cutlery team of designers and machinists are equipped with over 20 years of experience in the production of knives and tools for the outdoor industry, and we strive to showcase that experience with truly ergonomic and precision-crafted pieces that are meant to last and be handed down. From the classic lines of traditional designs to cutting-edge creations reaching for new horizons, the designers and machinists at Artisan Cutlery continue to reach towards new heights, but never forget the roots of their craft.

About CJRB

CJRB was born out of the desire to make the quality and performance of Artisan Cutlery products accessible to everyone without compromising on materials or construction. All CJRB knives are machined and assembled by the same team that works on our premium Artisan Cutlery line. You can expect to see the same attention to detail and craftsmanship in every CJRB knife that you would find on any Artisan Cutlery piece. We have done everything possible to ensure that CJRB is a highly competitive force in the knife market, dedicated to bringing only the best products to our fans and customers while keeping prices and options highly accessible. 

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