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Mica Voting Contest Alert!

Mica Voting Contest Alert!



🔪🌟 Mica Voting Contest Alert! 🌟🔪

Knife enthusiasts and EDC lovers, here's your chance to influence our next creation! We are thrilled to present the latest "Mica" series, crafted with passion and precision.

🔸 Choose Your Favorite! We have meticulously designed 14 unique combinations featuring exquisite handle materials and Blade Finishes. The top two that receive the most votes will have the opportunity to be produced!

🔸 Win the Mica Production Version! That's right! Participate in our voting, and you stand a chance to own the final production version of Mica, absolutely FREE! ONLY 2 WINNERS.

📅 Date: 18th Sept - 22nd Sept
🔔 Results will be announced on our social media channels on October 5th , so make sure to stay tuned!

How to participate?



1. Silver Timascus, 2. Silver Carbon !

Bryan Garcia ,

Loving the Mica design so much!!! I’d go for option 2 (red) and option 3 for sure!


Number 9

Chad Walker,

Cool little EDC for sure. I love options 1 and 10.


Number 6.

Allan Jensen,

I love the black + timascus version.


I love options 10 and 14!


Number 2

Jeff b,

Option 3and5

Matt Harvey ,

Black titanium with blue or option 3. Copper blade with spray paint

Bryan B,

Option 2

Ben Finnegan,

Not giving me the options to choose from

Levi pankey,

The new Mica looks awesome definitely like the new sand polish blade finish Cjrb / Artisan has been doing lately..

Jay C ,

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