Reveal Your Design, Spark Our Creation!

At the core of artisanal craftsmanship, a new chapter is ready to unfold. We're excited to introduce the inaugural "Your Design, Our Creation" contest – a tribute to innovation, creativity, and the shared legacy of knife enthusiasts worldwide.

Imagine a canvas of steel, eagerly awaiting your personal touch. We're reaching out to the imaginative minds and skilled hands of the knife community to shape a legacy we all share. From August 30th to September 30th, a symphony of ideas will echo with every entry, weaving threads into the tapestry of artisanal excellence.

📜 The Guidelines:

🔹 Who Can Participate: Open to all knife enthusiasts and designers over the age of 18.
🔹 Theme: Design with no boundaries. We’re looking for fresh, innovative designs that strive to revolutionize the tools that we see in this industry.
🔹 Creativity: Every design must be original, non-derivative, with dimensions, suggested materials, and a brief artistic description of the design.
🔹 Submission: One design per participant, upload in PDF (for hand-drawn), DWG but compressed into a ZIP file (for 2D design), or STP (for 3D design).

🗓️ The Timeline:

🔹 Design Submission: August 30th - September 30th
🔹 Voting Period: October 6th - October 13th

🎉 The Awards:

🔹 Designer’s Spotlight: Seal a collaboration with Artisan Cutlery!
🔹 Popular Pick: The most-voted design becomes reality, with the designer receiving one as a keepsake. As a bonus, we're gifting four additional samples to those who cast their vote for this outstanding design! (Note: This award comes into effect if the top voted design differs from the final collaboration choice.)
🔹 Masterpiece Memento: Designs ranked 2nd to 5th win an exquisitely crafted commemorative coin.
🔹 Enthusiast's Edge: Enjoy a 15% discount code.

🔍 The Nitty-Gritty:

🔹 Your designs will be exhibited during the voting period, linking you to fellow enthusiasts and honoring your creativity.
🔹 Your voice counts! Your votes guide us, and your insights are invaluable. The Popular Pick winner will be chosen based on your votes.
🔹 The final collaboration decision rests with our team, ensuring the best partnership.

Enjoy the journey and the best of luck!